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Strong connections reduce turnover and keep people performing at their best. Help your team members thrive in their roles by understanding the climate of your workforce.

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What's the Climate?

The larger your organization is, the harder it becomes to know how everyone is doing. Vantage Point's Work Climate keeps you informed about your team’s well-being, so you can respond to problems and give people the help they need.

Status Updates
Give employees the ability to send fast, optional status updates with just a few clicks
Privacy Protection
Keep all communications private and confidential
Workplace Troubleshooting
Your managers are best equipped to handle issues. Give them the tools to do so.
Track overall climate and trends within your organization

A Better Way to Deal with Everyday Issues

For Employees

Direct measurement of your RPG stats

  • Measurement of key expectations, no more surveys.
  • Status updates take 2 taps and a slide, very low effort.
  • Weekly reminders to help ensure up-to-date perspectives.

For Managers

Give the person most able to help the ability to KNOW they need to help.

  • Managerial tools to stay on top of ongoing issues.
  • Historical view to spot trends
  • Quickly understand differences in team expectations

For Executives

Understand the overall picture of the climate inside your organization.

  • What do people actually feel about their jobs? Not a popularity contest.
  • Weekly updates beat semi-annual.
  • Tackle root causes with targeted work factors.

Software to Make Your Workforce Unbreakable

Work Climate is one solution in the PrevailHQ suite. Get real-time intelligence and tools to fortify your workforce—so you always have the people to get the job done.

Vantage Point

Real-time management of workforce disruptions.

When trouble threatens your workforce, Vantage Point minimizes the damage. Get early warning, view actionable data, and mitigate the impacts of disruption—from unexpected turnover to large-scale absences.

Apex Vision

Comprehensive insight into your staffing levels.

Apex Vision provides total visibility into staffing levels, gaps, and trends. Understand the big picture, detect emerging problems, and use time-saving workflows to manage employee availability.

Clear To Go

Ironclad compliance for the physical workplace.

Clear To Go enables you to enforce your policies for health, safety, and eligibility to work. Control your legal risks, protect employees, and keep operations running, no matter what happens.

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