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New, User-friendly Clear To Go!™ App Helps Companies and Municipalities Bring Employees Back to Work Safely During COVID-19

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Metro Detroit based health and wellness app already managing the safety of 1,000+ employees during coronavirus pandemic

May 18, 2020, 11:10 ET

ROCHESTER, Mich., May 18, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — As companies and municipalities across the US begin making plans to safely return employees to jobsites and offices during the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic, a new, user-friendly health and wellness software suite Clear To Go!™ has been introduced to screen employees, customers, and visitors on-site. The new app provides businesses with a streamlined solution to manage illnesses in the workplace. This includes screening apps for employees, case management for HR, and a visitor management system. When employees and guests enter an office or worksite, they are screened via the Clear To Go!™ iOS, Android, or SMS app with a set of key COVID-19 health-related questions and optional temperature check. Once the individual is cleared, the information is then linked to a Clear To Go!™ Badge allowing that person to work onsite until the next required screening period. If an employee or guest fails the screening, Clear To Go!‘s™ case management tool provides early warning detection and a central point to ensure an employer’s established processes and protocols are followed, and then tracks all documents and communications from a human resources perspective. Based in Rochester, Mich., the user-friendly Clear To Go!™ is already being used to screen 1,000 + employees, customers, and visitors in companies and municipalities since the launch one week ago.

Scott Garretson, co-founder of Clear To Go!™, said, “COVID-19 has illuminated the challenges businesses face with illness in the workplace. Whether a global pandemic or the seasonal flu, how we ensure our employees are healthy in the workplace is vital to keeping a business thriving. Clear To Go!™ is the start of a new category of software built to manage illness in the workplace.” Clear To Go!™ Co-founder Mike Wille, said, “Screening questions are essential, but what happens after that is critical. How companies react, what processes are followed, how people are alerted, steps taken when an employee develops symptoms while on site – all those challenges and more are addressed by Clear To Go!™.”

The app is an essential tool for employers looking for an automatic, agile and repeatable method to manage the health and wellness of their teams. In addition, Clear To Go!™ provides companies and municipalities a new way to manage risk, increase safety and create effective responses to health vulnerabilities in the workplace.

About Clear To Go!™ Clear To Go!™ is a health screening and management solution for companies and municipalities of all sizes looking to protect employees and customers onsite with an easy-to-use early warning detection system.

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