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Stop Staffing Shortfalls Before They Happen

Tired of flying blind with workforce management? Let Apex Vision empower you with total real- time visibility into staffing levels, gaps, and trends.

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Your Single Source of Workforce Availability Insights

Keep operations on track with active management of your staffing levels. Apex Vision unifies all your absence and HR data, plus data gathered from PrevailHQ’s workforce management apps.

Get Comprehensive, Nonstop Intelligence

Apex Vision provides a single view of what’s happening with your staffing levels, enriched with incoming data 24/7.

Diagnose Availability Issues

Executives and managers can instantly access the information they need to prioritize, plan, and troubleshoot.

See and Act in Real Time

Centralized communication and management tools make problem solving easy for managers.

Data, Insights, and Tools That Put You in Control

Unified Data

Apex Vision’s Availability Engine consolidates all data about your workforce’s availability—whether it comes from your internal systems or PrevailHQ’s own software.

Sources include:

  • HR information systems
  • Employee absence reports
  • Case management records
  • Workforce disruption data

Staffing Intelligence

Get the data and insights you need to make smart decisions about your staffing levels.

  • View real-time info about day-to-day absences and staffing levels.
  • Guide your planning with a big-picture look at staffing gaps and trends.
  • Pinpoint where you face shortfalls and where to shift your resources.


Stay connected to your people with fast, easy communications.

  • Broadcast announcements to targeted groups or your entire workforce.
  • Send messages to individuals whose cases you are managing.
  • Address employees’ questions with confidential in-app Q&A.

Management Tools

Stay on top of employee availability with tools that simplify your work.

  • Manage sick days and time-out requests submitted from PrevailHQ’s self-serve app.
  • Use custom case management tools to help people who are absent or struggling.
  • Configure case types and workflows to match your organization’s needs.

Software to Make Your Workforce Unbreakable

Apex Vision is one solution in the PrevailHQ suite. Get real-time intelligence and tools to fortify your workforce—so you always have the people to get the job done.

Work Climate

Take the emotional pulse of your workforce.

Work Climate gives you tools to understand how employees feel about their work conditions—so you can head off internal issues like burnout, absenteeism, and turnover.

Vantage Point

Real-time management of workforce disruptions.

When trouble threatens your workforce, Vantage Point minimizes the damage. Get early warning, view actionable data, and mitigate the impacts of disruption—from unexpected turnover to large-scale absences.

Clear To Go

Ironclad compliance for the physical workplace.

Clear To Go enables you to enforce your policies for health, safety, and eligibility to work. Control your legal risks, protect employees, and keep operations running, no matter what happens.

Apex Vision

Comprehensive insight into your staffing levels.

Apex Vision provides total visibility into staffing levels, gaps, and trends. Understand the big picture, detect emerging problems, and use time-saving workflows to manage employee availability.

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