Keep Your Business Running Through Any Storm

Vantage Point's Threat Radar minimizes the cost of workforce disruptions: extreme weather, disasters, and more. See what’s coming at you—and act fast to safeguard your bottom line.

Your Workforce Faces Disruptions Every Day

Thousands of events have already taken place in 2024.

Such events can cause mass absences and keep employees from doing their jobs. The results: reduced productivity, operational breakdowns, and financial losses for your business.

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How It Works

Threat Map

Get a complete, 24/7 view of external disruptions.

  • Monitor events across the U.S.: extreme weather, disasters, violence, health warnings, and outages.
  • See the danger zones where you have on-site or remote workers.
  • View how many employees are affected and call up more details.

Early Warning

Know about disruptive events as soon as they happen.

  • Get real-time SMS alerts when any of your employees are affected.
  • View actionable details so you can quickly assess what to do next.
  • Choose your next action: monitor, communicate, or respond.

Incident Management

Act fast to minimize the impact on your workforce.

  • Know what’s happening with continuous, real-time data.
  • Check rosters to verify employees’ location status.
  • Keep everyone informed with alerts and announcements.
  • Communicate with your incident response team.

Return to Work

Restore your staffing levels as quickly as possible.

  • Send automated check-ins and follow-ups to find out who’s affected.
  • Gather intelligence about their status and what they need.
  • Help each employee return to work with fast, easy case management.

Protect Your Bottom Line with Vantage Point

Easy to implement, simple to use. Most customers get up and running in just a few days.

  • Reduce the impact of surging absences.
  • Minimize customer service breakdowns.
  • Bounce back from disruptions fast.
  • Maintain productivity when disaster strikes.

Streamline workloads for
management and HR.

When disruptions loom, don't get bogged down in complicated workflows. Help managers and HR teams take control with tools that save time and reduce barriers to action.

Start solving disruptions with just a few clicks.

Leap into action to head off turnover and burnout—or keep monitoring the situation to see how it unfolds.

Getting started process

Recover from mass absences as quickly as possible.

Centralize your communications with alerts, announcements, and messaging. Use automated check-ins to help people recover and get them back to work.

Disaster recovery process

Make case management easy.

Investigate and resolve employee issues with end-to-end workflows, document sharing, multiple case types, and more.

Case management process

Avoid tech stack bloat.

Reduce the need for multiple tools and manual workflows with Vantage Point.

Software to Make Your Workforce Unbreakable

Vantage Point is one solution in the PrevailHQ suite. Get real-time intelligence and tools to fortify your workforce—so you always have the people to get the job done.

Work Climate

Take the emotional pulse of your workforce.

Work Climate gives you tools to understand how employees feel about their work conditions—so you can head off internal issues like burnout, absenteeism, and turnover.

Vantage Point

Real-time management of workforce disruptions.

When trouble threatens your workforce, Vantage Point minimizes the damage. Get early warning, view actionable data, and mitigate the impacts of disruption—from unexpected turnover to large-scale absences.

Clear To Go

Ironclad compliance for the physical workplace.

Clear To Go enables you to enforce your policies for health, safety, and eligibility to work. Control your legal risks, protect employees, and keep operations running, no matter what happens.

Apex Vision

Comprehensive insight into your staffing levels.

Apex Vision provides total visibility into staffing levels, gaps, and trends. Understand the big picture, detect emerging problems, and use time-saving workflows to manage employee availability.

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