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Industry-leading software to manage workforce disruptions.

Minimize staffing gaps and ensure consistent operations with Vantage Point. Our solution empowers you to reduce turnover, bounce back from trouble, and keep your workforce humming.

Your integrated solution for a smooth-running workforce.

Like no other software, Vantage Point minimizes the impact of workforce disruptions with simple, active, everyday management. It’s an all-in-one toolkit to protect your productivity, operations, and bottom line.

Control your internal work climate
to reduce everyday disruptions like turnover, burnout, and absenteeism.
Mitigate mass absence events
such as extreme weather, disasters, outages, and outbreaks.
Boost workforce availability
to prevent missed deadlines, work slowdowns, service delays, and more.

Enhance your decision making with awareness and insights.

Vantage Point provides actionable intelligence to protect staffing levels, availability, and productivity. Stay ahead of events and make the right decisions to keep problems from escalating.

Gain insight into your internal work climate.
Monitor the root causes of disruption and understand trends across your workforce. Get advance warning of turnover, burnout, and disengagement so you can act in time.
Get early warning of external threats.
Receive automated alerts about urgent threats that demand your attention. A 24/7 live map tracks threats to all your personnel: on-site, hybrid, or remote.
Tackle large-scale disruptions with real-time data.
Get the information you need to mitigate mass absences. View incoming data, check employee status, and monitor your response in real time.
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Streamline workloads for
management and HR.

When disruptions loom, don't get bogged down in complicated workflows. Help managers and HR teams take control with tools that save time and reduce barriers to action.

Start solving disruptions with just a few clicks.

Leap into action to head off turnover and burnout—or keep monitoring the situation to see how it unfolds.

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Recover from mass absences as quickly as possible.

Centralize your communications with alerts, announcements, and messaging. Use automated check-ins to help people recover and get them back to work.

Disaster recovery process

Make case management easy.

Investigate and resolve employee issues with end-to-end workflows, document sharing, multiple case types, and more.

Case management process

Avoid tech stack bloat.

Reduce the need for multiple tools and manual workflows with Vantage Point.

Fewer tools, lower costs.

Vantage Point boosts efficiency with a single solution for all workforce disruptions. Consolidate your tools, save staff hours, and eliminate unneeded software spending.

Transcend employee
engagement surveys.

Unified Tools: Work Climate

Go beyond surveys and eNPS by measuring the root causes of employee engagement or disengagement.

Learn about Work Climate...

Replace single-use emergency management software.

Unified Tools: Disaster Response

Upgrade to a solution that actively manages availability and helps employees return to work.

Learn about Threat Radar...

Start managing
disruptions today.

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