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Simple tools to protect your on-site operations

Minimize your workplace health and compliance risks with Clear To Go. That means more consistent staffing levels, reduced liability, and lower costs for your business.

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Be aware of issues in your building
Integrate with Ease
  • Building systems
  • Access control
  • HR systems

Ironclad Enforcement for a Healthy Work Environment

  • Make sure everyone complies with your on-site protocols.
  • Keep fast-spreading illnesses out of your buildings and facilities.
  • Verify who’s on site and whether they should be there.

The Simple App for On-Site Workforce Resilience

Visitor Management

Make visitor scheduling, screening, and compliance easy.

  • Schedule visits in advance and let visitors know when they’ll be screened.
  • Check visitors in and out with ease.
  • Categorize visitors for targeted screening and data capture.
  • Enable self-screening and secure registration for unscheduled visitors.

Work Intent

Manage on-site schedules so you know when and where employees are coming to work.

  • Manage and approve self-serve reservations for hybrid staff.
  • Allow employees to self-report their work location with the In/Out Board.
  • Import fixed schedules for people who need to be on-site at specific times.

Compliance Monitoring

Check who’s following the rules for entering your workplace—and who isn’t.

  • Manage compliance for different roles, groups, or locations with custom checklists.
  • Screen all employees and visitors before entry to your buildings.
  • Streamline management of employee vaccinations and testing.

On-Site Check-Ins

Keep track of on-site personnel and activity.

  • Check people in and out of your facilities.
  • Verify the identity and status of everyone on-site.
  • Record all entries and departures.
  • Get automatic alerts about capacity levels or non-compliant personnel.

Software to Make Your Workforce Unbreakable

Clear To Go is one solution in the PrevailHQ suite. Get real-time intelligence and tools to fortify your workforce—so you always have the people to get the job done.

Work Climate

Take the emotional pulse of your workforce.

Work Climate gives you tools to understand how employees feel about their work conditions—so you can head off internal issues like burnout, absenteeism, and turnover.

Vantage Point

Real-time management of workforce disruptions.

When trouble threatens your workforce, Vantage Point minimizes the damage. Get early warning, view actionable data, and mitigate the impacts of disruption—from unexpected turnover to large-scale absences.

Clear To Go

Ironclad compliance for the physical workplace.

Clear To Go enables you to enforce your policies for health, safety, and eligibility to work. Control your legal risks, protect employees, and keep operations running, no matter what happens.

Apex Vision

Comprehensive insight into your staffing levels.

Apex Vision provides total visibility into staffing levels, gaps, and trends. Understand the big picture, detect emerging problems, and use time-saving workflows to manage employee availability.

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