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Oakland County Contracts With Clear To Go to Streamline COVID-19 Contact Tracing for Restaurants and Schools

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Clear To Go is excited to partner with Oakland County to help keep people safe and businesses open. Through this partnership, Oakland County is providing access to Clear To Go at no cost to all schools, restaurants, and municipalities in the county.

Oakland County, Michigan, is one of the largest counties in the United States and according to the Center for Digital Government, it’s also one of the most technologically advanced. Over 2000 restaurants are eligible to use Clear To Go to provide easy-to-use health screenings, confidential contact tracing, and a customer wait-list with SMS notifications.

One of the challenges for restaurants, schools and businesses is screening clients, students or employees and then keeping track of the all the data,” County Executive David Coulter said. “This software allows our schools, businesses and restaurants to stay safe, run more efficiently and be less intrusive for everyone.

With 28 school districts and over 210,000 students, this partnership represents an excellent example of the community working together to get our students back to school safely and create a standard moving forward with real-time data to make decisions.

Clear To Go! provides a simple solution to help organizations of all sizes streamline daily health screening, tracking who was onsite for tracing, and manage cases/quarantines to know when it is safe for them to return onsite,” Scott Garretson, CEO of Clear To Go, said. “The biggest time saving our clients experience is with our case management solution. Managing quarantines and failed screenings to know when a person can return onsite can be very time consuming. We help our clients prioritize cases and allow end users to share additional information with their open case directly to save time.


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