Workforce Disruption Management

Redefining Workforce Disruption Management

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Every day, disruptions take a toll on your workforce: unplanned turnover, burnout, weather, disasters, and more.

Workforce disruptions can come from anywhere, anytime. What’s more, they often combine to deal even more damage to your operations.

If you’re responsible for ensuring work gets done, you need a seamless way to keep your team on track. But employers have lacked the help they need to get disruptions under control. Until now.

Introducing Vantage Point: a simple, integrated, active solution to minimize the impact of workforce disruptions.

By consolidating how you manage workforce disruptions, Vantage Point gives you a new way to boost your operations, productivity, and profits. Let’s explore this paradigm shift and what it can do for your business.

Why workforce disruptions matter for your business

A workforce disruption is any problem that reduces your team’s availability and ability to work. Such disruptions can lead to missed deadlines, lost productivity, customer service delays, loss of internal talent, and other costly outcomes.

Everyday internal issues like unexpected resignations, burnout, and absenteeism are the most frequent disruptions employers face. Mismanaged expectations result in frustrated employees, unpredictable staffing levels, and losses of key personnel—just when you can least afford them.

At the other end of the spectrum, external shocks like extreme weather, viral outbreaks, and power outages can sideline many people without warning. The longer you take to respond, the more you lose in productivity, time, and money.

Why workforce disruptions are so hard to solve

Today, the vast majority of employers lack a streamlined, effective way to monitor, detect, and manage workforce disruptions before they escalate.

Managers and HR teams are working with a patchwork of manual workflows, spreadsheets, and narrow point solutions like employee experience surveys, absence management software, or emergency alerts. These tools don’t deliver continuous, real-time data about disruptions or a convenient toolkit to manage them.

As a result, employers are left waiting for trouble to strike and reacting with slow, inefficient processes that increase workloads for managers and HR teams. By the time they act, it’s often too late to limit the impact on their workforce and their operations.

How Vantage Point changes the game

Vantage Point empowers you to attack workforce disruptions head-on with active, everyday monitoring and management. That means you can know what’s happening at just the right time—and take the right steps before costs spiral out of control.

So, what are the results?

More effective decision making: Managers get early warning and continuous, real-time intelligence about workforce disruptions. They can recognize when and where disruptions are happening, and they have the right data to know what needs to be done. Executives gain actionable insights into broader issues affecting their workforce.

Simpler, easier workflows: When it’s time to act, managers and HR teams have the right toolset at their fingertips. They can focus on solving urgent problems, instead of wasting time and energy on inefficient work processes. And you conserve valuable resources.

One system, lower costs: By adopting a unified solution for workforce disruptions, you can consolidate tools and eliminate redundant software. That means you can reduce unnecessary spending and get more out of your software budget.

With Vantage Point, you can tackle workforce disruptions before their impact grows, and bounce back as quickly as possible. That’s a key step to boost productivity, ensure consistent operations, keep service humming, and maximize your investment in your people.

Vantage Point in action

Vantage Point is designed to solve problems you face every day. Let’s take a quick look at what that means.

Get ahead of everyday disruptions.

With Vantage Point, you can stay attuned to your internal work climate by tracking employee sentiments about workloads, communication, relationships, and schedules. Armed with actionable information, you can head off internal problems like unexpected turnover or burnout.

Screenshot of Managing Team Climate Managers understand exactly how their team is feeling.

Vantage Point actively alerts you to signs of distress in your workforce—so you can see where you need to act to prevent turnover and other problems. Drill down to view the situation at an individual level. Or take a step back to see what larger issues could impact your workforce’s availability.

Keep external events from overwhelming your workforce.

Vantage Point enables you to monitor, detect, and manage external threats like extreme weather, natural disasters, outages, and outbreaks of infectious disease. Instant alerts and a live threat map give you the early warning you need, no matter where your employees are located—on-site or remote.

Screenshot of external disruptions Operations and Facility Managers receive advanced warning of disruptive events.

When an incident impacts your team, Vantage Point provides everything you need to launch a rapid response. You can view incoming data, monitor the situation, and communicate rapidly with everyone in your organization. Automated check-ins make it easy to identify who is affected and help them recover as soon as possible.

Support your employees and speed their return to work.

When individual employees face disruptions, flexible case management tools enable you to investigate what is happening and resolve problems one-on-one. Use Vantage Point’s customizable workflows to handle any kind of employee scenario, from illness and mental health crises to disaster recovery, harassment, and more.

Screenshot of customizable case workflows HR and other departments can have customizable workflows when dealing with employees 1 on 1.

A simple solution for complex workforce challenges

We get it: the last thing you need is one more complicated, expensive enterprise application.

Vantage Point is not only easy to implement and use, but also saves money by eliminating unneeded complexity. It’s adaptable to your needs, integrating with many different HR and workforce management systems.

The old way of managing workforce disruptions is over. The future belongs to employers who take control of their workforce’s availability, every single day. In upcoming articles, we’ll dig deeper into the trends that are shaping the landscape—and explore how Vantage Point can help you navigate today’s turbulent business environment.